Wednesday, February 17, 2016

WIP Wednesday

I have seen WIP Wednesday done before on other sites and decided to follow suit. So I plan on showing some of my works in progress going forward.

I have been working on a pointillism piece for over a week now and to most people it may look finished, but I have some more plans for it.

This is a photo taken from my phone, so not the best quality shot, but you get the idea. I am doing the pen work with archival ink so that I can watercolor over the black and white once it is finished. Also the whole peice needs MOAR DOTS!!! (If you get that reference, you are awesome.)

I do find the process of dotting the whole page to be fairly therapeutic, but it takes forever. I don't recommend pointillism if you want to finish a peice quickly. 

The other fun note about this work, is that I plan on making a version of this available for my coloring book. 

I hope you guys like it and look forward to seeing more works in progress in the future. 

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