About Me

         When I was 6 years old, and on a vacation, we visited a local mall. While there, I became entranced by a box of brightly colored polymer clay. With this, my parents realized what hobby I was interested in and they fueled my love for art with all the supplies I would need. Clay is still a passion, however painting is my true love.

          In 2003, I entered high school, but did not take an art class until the following year. Once in the visual arts class, I discovered my new favorite medium in oil paint; the long dry times and textures are fantastic. I continued in visual art throughout high school, ending with a 4/5 on the Advanced Placement Art test. However, I did not continue this education in college.

After my college years, from 2007 to 2011 without art in my life, I have decided it is not a life at all without passion and plan on plunging myself head-first back into my work with hopes of bringing a love for the arts to others as well. I now work mostly in watercolor, while still venturing into all other mediums when I feel like it. 

~Bev Adams

If you would like to find me elsewhere, I am also available at: 

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