Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year! Goals!

I hope everyone had a wonderful start to the New Year and has a great year!

Every year people use this time to try to create new goals for themselves, which typically center around something they find negative about themselves... like trying to lose weight. *points at self*

Well this year I am changing my goal to try to make it more positive. I know I have a lot of goals already that have to do with art, but my New Years resolution generally doesn't coincide with these.

For this year, my Resolutions are to:

Paint more!
Work hard on completing pieces in a more timely manner.
Spend more time working on things that I enjoy, because any art work will help me improve rather than doing none.
Write more blogs.
Paint my nails more.
Read some books.

All pretty vague, which is perfect. By being less specific about what you want to do, you are much less likely to get discouraged for making mistakes, or having things come up which interfere for some amount of time. I am posting these goals in my office/studio to make sure I can see them, and remind myself what I want to be working on when I am feeling less than motivated.

What are everyone's goals out there? Do your new year's resolutions align with your life goals?

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