Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Winery Show!

There is a winery close to where I live that I visit. Just this past week, I began showing my art there for three months! Port of Leonardtown Winery in St. Mary's County Maryland is a co-op winery with all of their grapes and provided products being made in Maryland! As a fan as well as local artist, I am very happy to be showing here!

My husband took this photo of me hanging pieces, but you can also see my works on the wall behind me.
One wall completely finished.

Another Wall!

Finished! Enjoying my wine!

This is the rest of the tasting room, since I didn't take any pictures over here. :p

You can find them here:

Let me know if you stop by and what you think of the wine! My favorite is their Vidalacato, followed by the Breton Bay Shoals, both of which are sweet.

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